How to Write About News

News is any type of information about current events that affect a large number of people. It has been a way to communicate important information for centuries. News can be delivered by any method of communication and may include written or oral reports, broadcasting, radio or television. It can also be found on websites, social media and apps.

It can be hard to keep up with the news with so much of it happening every day. Developing a strategy for staying informed can help citizens navigate the barrage of new stories and filter out what is important to them. A good place to start is with a few trusted news sources that provide a quick digest of the latest developments. These can be a combination of major newspapers, podcasts and daily briefing services. Examples include Economist Espresso, Next Draft, The New York Times Morning Briefing, Quartz Daily Brief and the Pnut (pronounced “peanut”).

To write an article about news, it is best to start with a catchy headline that is short and concise. This will give readers a preview of the story and seize their attention. The article should then begin with a lead paragraph that summarizes the story and provides key facts. This should be followed by a list of quotes from those involved in the story and any other pertinent information. Once the main portion of the article is complete, writers should check for accuracy and include a works cited page at the end.