Healthy Relationships

In a world where loneliness can be common, healthy relationships bring people a sense of emotional fulfillment and stability. Relationships can also provide the structure and support that help to heal a person emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is important to understand that a relationship requires a mutual commitment of time, effort and trust. It is not a one way street and it can’t continue if either partner feels that the relationship no longer meets their needs.

Many couples stay in unfulfilling relationships because they have heard that “relationships take work,” but the term “work” doesn’t necessarily mean difficult or exhausting. Think about working on a project that is fun, inspiring or engaging, and that is a good analogy for what a relationship should feel like.

In a relationship, it is normal to experience conflict and disagreements. The key to a healthy relationship is how these conflicts are resolved. It is important to learn how to express yourself calmly and without blaming or attacking your partner and to listen to their point of view. It is also important to double check that you have understood what your partner is saying, to avoid misunderstandings.

A committed relationship is an interpersonal relationship based on exclusivity, honesty and trust. It may involve cohabitation, dating or marriage. A triad is a three-person relationship that is more stable than a dyad and reduces intensity. It is also less likely to break down due to unforeseen problems such as infidelity.