How Technology Can Help You Be More Productive


Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to practical ends, like changing and manipulating one’s environment or communicating with one another. It can include everything from a crowbar or wooden spoon to a space station or particle accelerator. It can also be virtual, such as software or business methods. It is also often used to refer to gadgets and consumer electronics – mobile phones, tablets, hi-fi’s, robotic grass cutters and so on.

Whether it’s for work, home or school, using the right tools can help you be more productive. But deciding what to use can be tricky. For example, there are some useful apps for managing emails (like Boomerang), organising meetings and scheduling appointments but you need to know which ones will add value. The key is finding tools that fit your lifestyle and work style.

For example, using VR can make learning more engaging, allowing students to relate to the subject through a first-hand virtual experience. This helps them to remember what they have learned. Another way that technology is helping to improve student learning is through gamification, where lessons are presented in video game format. Students are more motivated to learn when they have an element of competition or reward.

Technology is also increasingly being used to support student achievement in under-resourced schools and communities. This is primarily through providing students with widely-accessible software to complete tasks that would be otherwise difficult or impossible. This includes allowing them to collaborate on shared documents, although the challenge is that students may be distracted and use these devices for socializing or worse – making inappropriate comments. Having clear expectations for what kind of devices and internet use is appropriate, as well as setting specific time constraints around the completion of tasks, can help to ensure that these tools are being used effectively.