How to Write About Issues on a Blog


Issues are hot-button topics that push people’s buttons. They can be controversial and touch on sensitive subjects, such as racial injustice, gender equality and the death penalty. They can also be political, like the debate over gay marriage or quotas for women in the workforce. They can be personal, such as the issue of mental health. And they can be environmental, such as global warming or air pollution.

The word “issue” originally meant to put something out, as in a celebrity issues a statement or the Post Office issues new stamps. Nowadays it’s more often used to refer to a topic or controversy that is under discussion. If someone says, “He’s got some issues,” they mean that he has a problem, usually emotional. When writing an article about an issue, be sure to stay objective and avoid using the word subjectively or negatively.

A blog is an ideal vehicle for discussing issues, because it allows you to inject your opinion without a lot of the backlash that you would get on a newspaper editorial page. But if you’re going to write an issue-oriented article, make sure you have plenty of research and data to support your claims. A well-researched and thoughtful article can make a difference in a reader’s life.

For example, if you are writing an article about Covid-19, your main issue is likely to be how the pandemic has affected the lives of families and communities. You might include statistics about the number of people who have died from the virus, or explain how schools and colleges were closed during the pandemic, so that readers can make informed decisions. You might also discuss how the epidemic has affected business and tourism, and provide information about vaccinations and how to protect yourself.