How to Write News


News is current information about a particular event or subject. It is often based on an original source such as a report, a document or a statement from a witness. It can also be a press release or a television or radio broadcast. News articles may include analysis and opinion, but should be factually accurate. They must be presented in a clear and concise manner, using an active voice and simple vocabulary. A news article should end with a byline, which identifies the author of the piece.

A news article can cover any topic, but most are about people or events that affect or involve the lives of many people. Celebrities, politics, wars, natural disasters and economic news are examples of common topics for news reports. Other subjects of interest are weather, zoology, science and sports. Many societies are interested in the activities of their leaders, famous or not, and in what they spend their money on. Sex is another topic of interest in most societies, but it is difficult to report on because many people do not like to talk about it openly.

The first step in writing a news story is to determine who the audience will be for the article. This will usually be based on the location where the publication is published, but can also be a specific demographic within that community or region. It is important to keep the audience in mind throughout the writing process, because it can help guide the tone of the article and what facts are emphasized.