What Is Fashion?

Fashion is a term used to describe a change in style that occurs on a garment. It is an ongoing trend that changes with time, ranging from simple to elaborate.

The word is derived from the Latin words for “fashion” and “clothing”. It refers to any kind of clothing that people wear to express their sense of self.

It also includes accessories, makeup and hairstyles.

Unlike anti-fashion, which is fixed and doesn’t change much over time, fashion is constantly changing. It doesn’t belong to a specific culture or area and spreads across the world, where it can be replicated by different groups of people.

Clothes can reveal a lot about your group and your identity. For instance, if you have green hair and multiple piercings, you might be considered a freak by one person but a strict conformist by another. And if you’re in a group called goths, skaters or preps, you’ll have a certain look that shows your membership in that specific club.