What Is Technology?

Technology is the application of knowledge to solve real-world problems. It involves the use of tools and devices that help people live more comfortable lives. However, there are also concerns about the negative effects of technology. It can increase social inequality, create pollution, and harm individuals or groups.

Many people think of technology as something new and innovative but the concept of technology is actually very old. From the ancient abacus to the inscriptions of medicinal herbal recipes on the walls of Egyptian temples, to modern marvels such as the typewriter and adding machine, technological innovations have been a part of human history for centuries.

Almost everyone uses technology in their everyday life. It allows us to communicate, work, play, and even find love online. In schools, technology is used to make teaching and learning easier for teachers and students. Students are able to access leveled reading programs with the click of a button and research topics that interest them. This makes it easy for teachers to assign independent work and allows them to focus on individual students.

Using technology effectively is an essential skill in the modern world. It is important to understand how technology shapes people’s interactions with each other and the natural world. This is particularly true for those who design, develop and implement new technologies but it is equally vital for anyone who uses these technologies in their everyday lives. An instrumental definition of technology allows for the full range of human creativity and the articulation of ends can be shaped by our values.