Writing About Issues

Issues: A topic that causes strong opinions and debate. Having an opinion about an issue is fine – but it must be based on evidence and facts, not just a pet peeve or prejudice. For example, if you want to write about the problems with GM and Toyota, research the facts, compare statistics, and name names of key players. Avoid writing venomous, bombastic articles that push people’s buttons. Instead, structure your article to highlight a single, clear point of view.

A matter or subject of dispute: He has issues with his boss. A problem or difficulty: A person with anger management issues. An edition of a periodical: The May issue of the magazine.

A specific point or matter of concern or discussion: The issues are the key points to consider when deciding on a new policy. A piece of writing: The problem with this article is that it is too long. An event or situation: Covid-19 is a huge issue for schools and colleges at the moment.